A little bit about my teaching .... 


I had my first taste of what a teacher could achieve when I studied with Kathleen Bride at the Manhattan School of Music, New York. I was a shy Welsh girl, who arrived in America to develop her playing, her confidence and, undoubtedly, expand her horizons. Ms Bride was a student of the renowned harpist Marcel Grandjany who, when asked “What is the correct way to play the harp?”, replied with “...to play it well”. This struck a chord with me, and has really been the foundation of my teaching and playing ever since. Ms Bride also encouraged me to find my own artistic voice. I will be forever grateful for her guidance, patience and faith in me.


When I returned to the UK I knew that teaching was something I wanted to explore and "...to do it well”, alongside my performing work. It has become as important to me as playing a Tchaikovsky cadenza or recording a CD.  Through many years of research and thirst for improvement, I have developed my own teaching style and approach. Every pupil has their own path to take, and I feel very privileged to help them on their journey.

My aim is to encourage, guide, challenge, develop, inspire; always teaching with honesty and integrity.

Some students have written thoughts on my teaching. Here are their words:

“Eira goes so far beyond teaching the notes on the page.

Thanks to her I now have a great friend and mentor, a secure technique and the toolbox to tackle anything slowly!”

Alex Hopkinson: private pupil, now studying at Oxford University

“A true journey. You will learn everything about the harp and even more about yourself. Guidance and insight. Not for the faint-hearted!"

Philippa Smith: RNCM BMus graduate and currently a CPD RNCM student

"It was our first lesson after the audition. You said  '....your sound and music are in a cage. We must break this cage; unlocking it is just not enough'.

That first experience of your teaching ignited a spark inside me. I understood that something unique and magical, important and life-changing could happen with you as a teacher. And we did break the cage. Thank you Eira!"
Eleni Tsaousaki: RNCM International student

"Eira, as Nicole’s exam results prove, your teaching methods are outstanding and, even more importantly, your lesson is the highlight of Nicole’s week. You are a great inspiration to her, and we cannot thank you enough.”
Arina and Steve: parents of a 12-year-old pupil

Nicole Jessop: one of my beginners, now a Junior RNCM student