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CD "... from within" Pedal Harp & Clarsach

CD "... from within" Pedal Harp & Clarsach


Bernard Andrès: Aquatintes

Marcel Grandjany: Pastorale

Paul Verlaine transl. Norman R. Shapiro: Moonlight (Poem)

Eddie McGuire: Prelude 14 §

John Rutter: Interlude from Dancing Day

Roger Nichols: Impromptu

Monika Stadler: On The Water

Fiona Clifton-Welker: Dance §

Anon: Risk (Poem)

Pearl Chertok: Harpicide at Midnight

Scottish trad. arr. Anne Macdearmid: Och Nan Och

Mary Ann Kennedy: Cruit Gun Chéis,Ceall Gun Aba

Thurlough O'Carolan arr. Eira Lynn Jones: Brigid Cruise

Anon: Miss Me (Poem)

Phil Cunningham arr. Catriona McKay: Cathcart


§ First recording

  • About this CD

    A CD of works for Pedal Harp and Clarsach. A variety of music from classical, contemporary, folk and even a jazzy piece.


    "... a diversity of harp music, a very accomplished technique and your heart coming through.”  (Alan Stivell)

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