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DAFFODILS ~ 10 Welsh Tunes ~ Lever or Pedal Harp

DAFFODILS ~ 10 Welsh Tunes ~ Lever or Pedal Harp


Ten Welsh Tunes arranged for Solo Harp

suitable for Lever or Pedal Harp at Intermediate Level

  1. Pwt ar y Bys (A Finger Piece)                                    
  2. Pant Corlan yr Ŵyn (The Lamb’s Fold)                        
  3. Morfa’r Frenhines (The Queen’s Marsh)                       
  4. Marwnad Yr Ehedydd (The Lark’s Lament)                   
  5. Sosban Fach (The Little Saucepan)                              
  6. Dacw ‘Nghariad I Lawr Yn Y Berllan (There’s My Sweetheart Down in the Orchard)
  7. Beth Yw'r Haf I Mi? (What is Summer to Me?)
  8. Hyfrydol            
  9. Megan A Gollodd Ei Gardas (Megan that Lost Her Garters)
  10. Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land of My Fathers)
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