A Harpist's Guide to Progress ✦ Step 1 ✦ Lever or Pedal


“There is only one correct way to play the harp, and that is to play it well.”
Marcel Grandjany


This Step 1 booklet for harpists is the first in a series of guides towards improving playing, and progressing to the next level. It developed over years of teaching workshops, when I realised that many basic elements of reading music, theory knowledge, practice methods and technical security had not been mastered in the hurry to progress. The lack of foundations often led to frustration, with players wondering why they couldn’t play fluently.

This is not a Teach the Harp or a Theory book. It is a guidebook towards progress in practice and lessons. A reminder of topics to cover regularly. Each booklet will give you new things to learn.

Step 1 focuses on note learning; fingerings for scales and arpeggios from Grade 1 to Grade 8; theory tips; basic technique; how to practise.