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A 'Twangle' of Harps

Private Lessons

I teach privately in my purpose-built harp studio in Stockport. Here you can try out some harps and look at my vast library of music. It is a relaxing and quiet space to learn.

I recommend that lever harpists bring their own instrument if possible; but for pedal harpists a concert harp is available.


After the initial contact, I will see you for a taster lesson, so that we get to know each other before we proceed. The relationship between teacher and pupil is very important, and it is essential that it works.  If I don’t feel I am the right person for you, then I am happy to suggest other teachers in the area. I am not associated with any single harp maker, so I am able to give impartial advice on the right harp for you to hire, or to buy. The taster lesson will give you a chance to have a go on a harp and learn a simple tune, followed by a brief chat about my style of teaching.


These are usually for those who want to get some more specialised lessons on different topics; maybe preparing for an audition or competition. I also regularly see professional players, who want a top-up lesson towards a project, or want to concentrate on a particular area - such as teaching skills, orchestral playing, a review of technique, confidence building etc. I have also given advice sessions for those who are unsure about the next step in their career. If you need that extra help, then don’t be shy - just send me a message using my contact page!


I teach beginner to advanced level, on both lever and pedal harp. My emphasis is on a secure technical foundation, an understanding of theory and a broad range of repertoire. When appropriate, and definitely only when they are ready, I encourage pupils to aim for ABRSM examinations. It is a good target to aim for, and there is a great sense of achievement at the end. However, my main objective as a teacher is to encourage music-making with a broad scope of experiences, rather than moving from one exam to another.


Over the years, I have taught adults from all walks of life; doctor, engineer, teacher, opera singer, artist, poets, accountant, psychotherapist - and even a prison officer. They have all made that first phone call, saying "I have always wanted to play the harp...”   I will cater for whatever you need - with possibly a few gentle challenges from me too! 

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